Is it all about the desk?

img_4266As a new writer I’ve noticed my focus on all things writing related has increased tenfold and for the last few days, it’s been all about the space we write in. I’ve heard some fabulous examples over the years, about where famous authors create their worlds and fill them with amazing stories.

It’s no secret that the best place to write according to J.K Rowling, is in a café. Stephen King says in his book “On writing” that the most important part of your writing space is the door. He says the door not only serves to keep the world out, but it also serves to keep you in and focused on your work. Charles Dickens apparently loved his desk so much, he would have it shipped with him if he knew he would be gone for awhile. What this tells me is that there are likely as many favourite spaces to write as there are authors and that we must each find what works for us!

I know what doesn’t work for me: sitting at the dining table on a hard chair, surrounded by my children’s chatter and a constant demand for my attention. Having taken the step to jump into writing with both feet, I felt it was time to find a space where I can sit and be inspired to write. Which means what?


Well, I like an organised space – everything with a place and everything in its place. That’s not to say I live in a house that never gets messy – quite the opposite with 3 kids, 4 cats, a dog and too much stuff! But chaos and untidiness make me feel claustrophobic and in figuring out what I will need to be at my most productive, an organised space is high on my list of priorities. I like the idea of Stephen Kings “closed door”, I’m just not sure it can be achieved, what with the ever-present need my children have to show me their newest colouring masterpiece or ask for yet another snack! Anything else? A window. I find I’m a muller and when I’m thinking things through, I tend to stare out of the window rather than at my screen. A window to the street is a distraction maybe, but a window to the tree topped rock face behind my house, is the perfect view for my wonderings.

img_4261And so, armed with ideas of what I would like, and propelled by an extreme aversion to sitting another minute at the dining table, my husband and I decided to convert our storage room into a work place for me. We went to IKEA and bought what we needed and thanks to his handyman skills – installing a huge desk and plenty of storage space – I now have the perfect work place for me! It’s a combined workspace for both sewing and writing and since I’ve spent several days doing an insane amount of sorting and organising, it’s beginning to look just how I want it. I have no idea if it will make my writing better, but I know it’s a space I will enjoy spending time in, and hopefully that will at least inspire me to write more and better than anywhere else!

What about you? Where do you write? Drop me a comment and let me know! And where ever you are – I hope you feel inspired to write today!