A writer’s support network

I think I may have said this before, but if not, it bears mentioning: writing is almost always a lonely experience. We plot alone, we research alone and we write alone. We sit on our own – often hidden in a world of our own creation – and crave total peace and quiet to concentrate.Continue reading “A writer’s support network”

Problem solving for writers

Every so often I come across a problem I just can’t get my head around. My brain goes blank, takes a break and I’m left wondering how on earth do I solve this issue? It’s not uncommon, we’ve all been there – as authors and as regular, plain old human beings with real-world problems. SometimesContinue reading “Problem solving for writers”

Travelling back in time

We may be in March, but winter still has Norway in its icy grip. Well wrapped in a woollen shawl and with a warm mug of tea in hand, I find myself yearning for warmer temperatures and longer days. So much so, I figured a throw-back to an article I wrote after a summer tripContinue reading “Travelling back in time”

My Favourite Literary Mums

It’s Mother’s day here today and fresh from being celebrated by my three monkeys this morning, I thought I might share my favourite literary mums. I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to read books with motherly characters in them – in fact, I read a lot of fantasy and historical fiction andContinue reading “My Favourite Literary Mums”

When are you at your most creative?

The other day I was driving through a slush storm, with the temperature yo-yoing just above freezing. The sky was dark grey with a heavy mass of clouds that couldn’t decide if they wanted to pelt us with rain or bury us in snow. Hence the slush. I drive this route multiple times a day,Continue reading “When are you at your most creative?”

Music to write by…

Today I’ve been editing my “What to listen to when I’m writing”-playlist on Spotify and it made me wonder: Do other writers create “soundtracks” for their novels? When I think of the scenes in my story, they’re like short movies in my mind where I can see my characters, hear their words and feel theirContinue reading “Music to write by…”