Do writers really need a website?

Whether you’re starting out as a writer or already published, a quick search on google says: Yes! You should have a website. Why? For several reasons, but mainly because, of all the online avenues available to you, a website is a versatile online platform you can control the content of and it actually requires less effort and upkeep than having a bunch of different social media accounts.

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When is a writer a writer?

A while back, when I first began this journey from reader to writer, I came across an article that called to me. At the time, I was so new to the process of writing a novel, that the idea of being able to call myself a writer felt like an impossible dream. I had after all, no published books, no agent, no editor, not even a finished manuscript.

Then Chuck Sambuchino’s article found me and I realised I had it all wrong!

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