The Puuuuuuuurfect Literary Pet

Have you ever fallen hopelessly in love with a literary pet and wished they were yours? I have! Countless times!

Why? Because, I’ve always loved animals, of all kinds. Cats top the list for me though. Yes, I am the crazy cat-lady! I have 4 cats – Harry, Nymeria Nymphadora, Brave and Oreo. The first two have names from books I’ve loved. Can you guess which? Oreo and Brave… well, let’s just say, that’s what happens when you let the kids name your pets. We also have a dog called Yoda. Again, I blame the kids…

Now, where was I? Ah, yes…

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A rose, by any other name…

Shakespeare’s famous line from Romeo & Juliet should by all accounts be a golden rule of thumb – and far be it from me to argue with the master! However, I find myself wondering if the sentiment applies to character names? Would your readers relate to the handsome, kind and sensitive male protagonist if his name were Spike? Likewise would your female antagonist, the bane of practically everyone’s existence, pure evil personified, pack as much punch if her name were Noelle?

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When are you at your most creative?

The other day I was driving through a slush storm, with the temperature yo-yoing just above freezing. The sky was dark grey with a heavy mass of clouds that couldn’t decide if they wanted to pelt us with rain or bury us in snow. Hence the slush. I drive this route multiple times a day, Monday through Friday, and apart from being “slushed” by two passing trucks, the drive was otherwise uneventful.

What occurred to me though, is that those few minutes multiple times a day, are probably my most productive, in terms of writing ideas.

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Music to write by…

Today I’ve been editing my “What to listen to when I’m writing”-playlist on Spotify and it made me wonder: Do other writers create “soundtracks” for their novels?

When I think of the scenes in my story, they’re like short movies in my mind where I can see my characters, hear their words and feel their emotions. But here’s the thing: Movies are always way better with music!

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Do writers really need a website?

Whether you’re starting out as a writer or already published, a quick search on google says: Yes! You should have a website. Why? For several reasons, but mainly because, of all the online avenues available to you, a website is a versatile online platform you can control the content of and it actually requires less effort and upkeep than having a bunch of different social media accounts.

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When is a writer a writer?

A while back, when I first began this journey from reader to writer, I came across an article that called to me. At the time, I was so new to the process of writing a novel, that the idea of being able to call myself a writer felt like an impossible dream. I had after all, no published books, no agent, no editor, not even a finished manuscript.

Then Chuck Sambuchino’s article found me and I realised I had it all wrong!

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