About Shelley


Shelley is a former nurse and a school librarian in training. She’s had a life long love affair with books and views literature as a veritable all-inclusive buffet of literary flavours. On a good day you’ll find her singing along with her favourite playlists in the car, reading a book next to the fire or binge watching one of her favourite TV series! She loves to cook extravagant meals, is a closet vegetarian and can’t drink fizzy water. Shelley regularly sews insanely detailed costumes for her 3 gorgeous children and will happily knit for hours and days on end. She conducts a Childrens Choir, cries when watching sad films, hates it when it rains and loves a good cup of tea! 

Shelley tries to follow two simple rules in life:  “Good things come to good people” and “Life is too short to waste it not doing what you love!”

As a writer Shelley believes in planning, lists, an organised collection of folders, lists, an online thesaurus and uhm… more lists! She is currently writing her first novel and loving it!

If you would like to contact Shelley, go to the contact page here on her website or her Facebook page. She’d love to hear from you and promises to do her utmost to respond as soon as her children are zonked out and the washing has been folded and put away!