My Favourite Literary Mums

It’s Mother’s day here today and fresh from being celebrated by my three monkeys this morning, I thought I might share my favourite literary mums.

I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to read books with motherly characters in them – in fact, I read a lot of fantasy and historical fiction and unless the main character is a mother, I often find especially fantasy books don’t contain many mothers. But, as a mother myself, I tend to notice the ones there are and I guess I empathise with them more than I otherwise might have.

I had to take a good long look at my bookshelves to see if there were anymore than the six I already had on my list – and there was just one more that made the cut! What I found in common for most of these mums is the fierce and devoted love they have for their children – or those they ”adopt” as their own. In most cases they have, or would if required, laid down their lives to protect, defend or save their children. It’s a sentiment I can get behind 100% and reading those kinds of scenes hits me right in the feels – every time! I also have to admit that their onscreen versions have been pretty spectacular too!

So, without further ado, here are my seven favourite literary mums – in no particular order!

Natalie Prior – Divergent series

It’s been a few years since I read these books, but above anything else I remember her guts and her fearlessness in rescuing Tris. The heartbreak! 😭

Catelyn Stark – Game of Thrones

With the Starks holding the sigil of the Direwolf, let it be said – Catelyn Stark is one fierce Mamma-wolf protecting her cubs! You don’t want to mess with her!

Ysabeau de Clermont – A Discovery of Witches

Matthew de Clermonts vampire mother and possessor of a major ”Snoot” factor, but she’s so protective of her son – despite his being a grown man of 1500+ years – she earns a space on my list!

Molly Weasley – Harry Potter

Goes without saying that this mum is one of the most well known and well loved literary mothers out there. You can hear the love she has for her kids – and Harry – in every sigh and telling off. Does anyone else grin when she does her ”Where HAVE you been?”? She’s the mum I want to be when I grow up! 😂

Lily Potter – Harry Potter

Lily Potter is often overlooked in the Potter-verse, especially with Molly Weasley stealing the best mum spot for many Potter fans, but she deserves a place just for having sacrificed herself to save her son. She’s also the reason my daughter is called Lilly! ❤️

Claire Fraser – Outlander

Now here’s a woman that has gone to hell and back for her daughter! She literally left the love of her life to save her unborn child! Claire Fraser is fierce and smart and all kinds of devoted to her family. I honestly can’t praise Diana Gabaldon’s creative genius enough and I absolutely adore Claire.

Marmee – Little Women

Marmee was the one that didn’t leap out at me, initially. I read Little Women when I was a teenager and don’t think I fully appreciated until I had my own children, her calm strength and the honest support she gives her girls. She raised them with love and helped their individual personalities thrive.

Do you have any favourite literary mums I haven’t got on my list? Let me know where to find them!

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