Music to write by…

Today I’ve been editing my “What to listen to when I’m writing”-playlist on Spotify and it made me wonder: Do other writers create “soundtracks” for their novels?

When I think of the scenes in my story, they’re like short movies in my mind where I can see my characters, hear their words and feel their emotions. But here’s the thing: Movies are always way better with music!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


I find that music sparks my imagination, draws out the nuances and gets the words flowing faster than anything else I’ve tried. Which is why, when I sit down to write, I need a playlist with music that will allow me to imagination more and at the same time draw out all the feels!

So, what do I listen to? For the most part, classical music and soundtracks from films I adore. James Horner (Avatar / Braveheart / Titanic), Hans Zimmer (Gladiator / Pirates of the Caribbean), John Williams (Harry Potter / Star Wars) and James Newton Howard (Hunger Games / Fantastic Beasts) are a few of my favourites. I also stumbled across a group called Eternal Eclipse who produce huge live-recorded film-score style orchestral tracks that will blow your mind!

Why classical? Because I’ve discovered I can’t listen to lyrics and write at the same time! 🤭

If you’re interested in taking a peek at my playlist, you can find it here on Spotify! I hope you like it!

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