Art = Inspired

On any given day, there are quite a few things that inspire me to write, but art is probably what grabs me by the throat and refuses to let go!

Recently I’ve been scouring the internet for images that bring to life the creatures and places I have no hope of ever managing to draw myself. I have found that Deviant Art is an excellent place to hunt up images tailor-made for a fantasy world. Are you looking for dragons? ✅ Fantasy creatures? ✅ Viking warriors? ✅ Fairies? ✅ You name it and there’s a chance someone on Deviant Art has drawn it!

Then, recently, I came across a Norwegian artist called Einar Martinsen. He’s a senior concept artist and matte painter who has worked on big-budget Hollywood films like Avengers: Endgame and the new Avatar: The Way of Water! I took a look at his website, and seriously folks… his own concept-art based on Norse mythology is incredible! You can hear the water rushing down those waterfalls and feel the bite of the snowstorm howling through that village. I am in awe! And totally inspired! Take a look and enjoy!

All art shown in this post belongs to Einar Martinsen and is shown with his permission.

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