Research trip… here I come!

When you’re planning on writing a book series set in the real world with a rich historical backdrop – research is essential if you want to lend your work an air of authenticity and accuracy!

I have both fiction and non-fiction books that cover different aspects of the real world my story will be set in. I’ve also found a multitude of great websites online. For a while now though, I’ve been thinking it might be helpful to do some on-site research.

Luckily, the setting for my book series is here in Norway and, with the absence of a scheduled covid-vaccination any time soon meaning we can’t travel out of the country, why not use the summer break to take a little research trip along the coast of our beautiful country?

Which means, as of tomorrow morning, my son and I are heading to Rogaland in Norway – where, 1000 years ago, the vikings roamed the world. Have I mentioned my book series will be set in the viking era? No? Well, now you’re in on the secret, I trust you’ll keep that fact hush hush, right? 😉

In all seriousness though, I’m really looking forward to our trip. Not only will it allow me to see with my own eyes the sites of historical viking battles and museums with archeological finds from that period, but it will also give me 5 days of quality time with my 12 year old son to talk of vikings and sword fighting, viking ships and how the vikings travelled the world. He’s the perfect research partner! Why? Because he’s as nerdy as I am about vikings and historical artefacts and his imagination runs on overdrive, just like mine. I know we’ll both have the best time!

If I can, I’ll post an update on what we’re up to while we’re away. If not, I’ll make sure to tell you how our trip went when we get back! I’m off to finish my packing, but I hope you all have a great weekend, wherever you are!

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