Summer is here!

This week marks the beginning of the summer holiday here in Norway. The kids had their last day at school on Tuesday and thanks to the fabulous weather, it’s been a great week! Wednesday was particularly fun being Midsummer’s Eve or “Sankthansaften” as we call it. Here in the south of Norway – if you have a boat – people will sail out to one of the main small islands off the coast to eat, chat and watch the sunset. Often there’s a bonfire of some magnitude and, due to it being so close to the longest day of the year, the sun doesn’t set until late!

Tønnebålet – Laksevåg in Bergen, Norway

We don’t have a boat and aren’t likely to get one anytime soon – I get seasick just looking at them – but you don’t need one to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. When I was younger and living in Bergen, we used to go to a big barrel bonfire in Laksevåg. This bonfire takes weeks to build and is over 30m high. They’ve been setting alight the “Tønnebålet” for over 100 years and I have fond memories of watching it until late into the evening whilst picnicking and running around with friends.

This year however, with the current Corona pandemic having increased dramatically in our area during the last few days, we settled for a BBQ outside in the sunshine. With some fresh strawberries and herbs from our garden, some ice tea and a glass of wine – we had a blast!

On the writing front – I’ve mostly spent my time organising the site and figuring out my social media channels. I’m not a regular user of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they easily become a time drain and I have so much else I need to do. But… I’ll need to up my game there! It’s often said they are great advertising tools when used well, and while I’m not entirely sure what that entails just yet, I’m working on it.

For now it’s Friday night and movie night here in the Veelo household! My son and I usually watch a movie his younger sisters aren’t allowed to watch on Fridays. We’ve been working our way through the tv-series “Once Upon a Time” for months though and we’re almost to the end of season 5! He’s absolutely loving it, as I knew he would! We will undoubtedly fill the rest of the weekend with outdoor fun and plenty of ice-cream! I’ll also be gearing up for next week when I’ll start worldbuilding my novel series! I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend wherever you are!

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