The journey begins…

I’m no longer just a reader.

As of today, I’m officially a writer!

You might think it’s a tad premature to call myself a writer, with no published books, no agent, not even a finished manuscript! But I read an article today and it felt like the internet was screaming at me:

“Here! We knew you were waiting for this!”

I won’t quote the entire article, but particularly one section hit home and gave me the push I needed to acknowledge – proudly – that this is what I am!

When you finally call yourself a writer, it drives home the fact that this is real. It’s serious. We’re no longer talking about some vague ambition. You’re a professional writer who has to produce content, be that novels or nonfiction books or articles or whatever.

Go ahead and say it right now: “I am a writer.” The more it becomes real for you, the more it will drive you to sit down as much as possible and put words on the page.

Chuck Sambuchino

Maybe it’s about having the right mindset? Maybe I just need to believe in myself a bit more? Whatever the reason, if I am going to make this a reality and find the drive to push on and work hard – I need to start right here:

I am a writer!

This is my journey…

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